What’s happened?

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a cybersecurity law covering “smart” devices SB-327 Information privacy: connected devices, making California the first state with such a law. Read more


Whom it may concern?

Manufacturers of Internet of Thing devices.


What is it about?

Any manufacturer of a “smart” device that connects to the internet must equip it with security features, designed to prevent unauthorised access, modification, or information disclosure. It needs to either come with a unique password for each device, or force users to set their own password the first time they connect. It means no more generic default credentials for a hacker to guess.


What does it mean?

Manufacturers would have to come up with security means to be compliant with the law that comes in action from January 1st 2020. The law will require a manufacturer of a connected device, to equip it with a reasonable security features that are appropriate to the nature and function of the device and information it may collect. Read more

What does
Connax propose?

Connax offers UTIM (Universal Thing Identity Module) software that will help Internet of Things manufacturers to become compliant and to get maximum out of “smart” devices. Package includes:

  1. Remote device personalisation with unique credentials (keys, certificates, ids, passwords etc.)
  2. Smart device reconfiguration, in case if some of the credentials were compromised or they need to be changed;
  3. Data integrity functions including: data privacy, data immutability and encryption. Read more about the technology.


What benefits
does it give?

  1. It optimises device manufacturing processes, by automating personalisation;
  2. It protects your “smart” devices from the most common cyber attacks;
  3. It makes your company compliant to the SB-327


How much
does it cost?

Basic functions of UTIM software are open sourced under Apache 2.0 license, and available on the GiTHub however we recommend to use enterprise version with professional software setup support. 

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How to contact us?

We have an international company Connax based in San Francisco, California and in Helsinki, Finland it is active since November 2016. Read more

We’ll be happy to support your company regarding the “smart” devices, their privacy and security. Please let us know your matter via e-mail: info@connax.io or by phone 1-415-890-4718